Marital Status Changes and Medicare: What Is the Impact?

Marriage does not determine your eligibility for Medicare, but it is helpful to understand that it can impact some factors of your coverage, particularly cost. Whether you get married after your Medicare coverage has begun or you get divorced, learn how your change in status may affect your coverage.  New Marriage If you were not married when your coverage was established, but you will be married soon, do not worry, your coverage will not be canceled. Read More 

Common Expenses Covered By Commercial Auto Insurance

According to the Association for Safe International Road Travel, enhancing road safety and reducing accidents is a global concern that annually claims about 1.35 million people. Road safety is also a concern in the United States following the 38,000 American lives claimed on US roadways every year. Governments and local authorities are implementing various measures whose primary aim is to ensure compliance with road safety regulations and reduce traffic fatality.  Read More 

Car Insurance Discounts For New Drivers And Students

New drivers and students often encounter the highest insurance premiums. It's understandable -- they are also statistically most likely to get into an an accident. But insurance companies understand that students and new drivers often can't pay too much for their insurance. For that reason, there are some discounts provided. Taking a Driving Course In many states, a driving course is not required for those who get their license after a certain age. Read More 

2 Ways Get Lower Rates On Life Insurance

Insurers consider many different factors when calculating life insurance premiums. You have no control over some factors, such as your age and gender. You do have control over other factors, however, and making changes that impact these factors can help reduce your life insurance premiums. If you're shopping around for a life insurance policy, here are two factors that insurance companies will take into account -- and what you can do to keep their impact on your life insurance premiums minimal. Read More