Shopping For Auto Insurance? Look For These 3 Things

Are you in the process of looking for a new auto insurance provider? If so, you might have noticed that the many providers out there are offering similar coverage for your basic needs. If you want an insurance provider that can really stand out from the rest, you need to look beyond the policy that they are offering you. Here are 3 things to look for when finding a new auto insurance provider. Read More 

Evaluating Your Auto Insurance Needs

When you're shopping for an auto insurance policy, it helps to have in mind the type of coverage you're looking for. Are you trying to find a minimum coverage policy, or do you want to opt for extra coverage types. If you're unsure of the answer to this question, here are some steps that you can take to evaluate your needs. Step 1: Locate Your State's Minimum Insurance Requirements The first step would be to find out your state's requirements for auto insurance coverage. Read More 

3 Coverages To Look At – Besides Primary Dwelling Coverage – When Getting Home Insurance

When purchasing home insurance, whether through a place like Germain Insurance Agency or a similar agency, you're getting protection for much more than just the house you live in. Home insurance policies offer many coverages, which can provide important protections beyond insuring your home against fire, theft and other similar hazards. When you go to purchase home insurance, make sure you consider these other coverages in addition to your primary dwelling coverage. Read More 

Car Insurance Discounts For New Drivers And Students

New drivers and students often encounter the highest insurance premiums. It's understandable -- they are also statistically most likely to get into an an accident. But insurance companies understand that students and new drivers often can't pay too much for their insurance. For that reason, there are some discounts provided. Taking a Driving Course In many states, a driving course is not required for those who get their license after a certain age. Read More 

3 Safety Features in Your Car That Might Help Lower Your Auto Insurance

When you trade in your older car for a newer car, you might worry that you auto insurance rates will skyrocket. While this can occur in some cases, there are also times when auto insurance rates are actually lower on newer vehicles than they are on older ones. There are several reasons this can happen, and one of the reasons is due to the safety features found in newer cars. If your new car has any of these safety features, you might qualify for discounts on your auto insurance policy. Read More