Car Insurance Discounts For New Drivers And Students

New drivers and students often encounter the highest insurance premiums. It's understandable -- they are also statistically most likely to get into an an accident. But insurance companies understand that students and new drivers often can't pay too much for their insurance. For that reason, there are some discounts provided.

Taking a Driving Course

In many states, a driving course is not required for those who get their license after a certain age. If someone is 18 and getting a license, they usually don't have to go through the process. But at any age, taking a driving course can greatly reduce insurance premiums. The driving course often has to be properly certified, so it's worth it to inquire with the auto insurance company regarding the qualifying companies. Driving courses may also require a certain number of hours spent driving with the assistance of an instructor. 

Getting Good Grades

Both high school students and college students can reduce their policy costs by getting good grades. In general, good grade benefits will often kick in at a 3.0 or above, though insurance companies will often differ based on their standards. Getting a good grade discount may require that transcripts be sent to the insurance company to lock in lower rates.

Going through Your University

Many universities themselves may have deals available for local auto insurance companies. You can inquire with your university regarding any benefits within the local area, which can also include renter's insurance and other insurance policies. This can also be true for your place of work, academic organizations, and even recreational activities. It's often worth it to look at a full list of discounts for an insurance company such as Northeast Insurance Agency.

Getting a Good Driver Discount

It is possible for even students with limited driving experience to get a good driver discount. Good driver discounts simply mean that an individual has not had an accident within five years. Of course, this will also require that the student continue to drive well and refrain from getting into any accidents. Parking tickets usually will not have any impact, but speeding tickets will.

The best auto insurance policies often have multiple discounts that you can inquire about. These discounts may not always be listed; instead, you'll need to directly ask whether there are any student organization discounts or other related affiliations. With time and additional driving experience, your car insurance rates should steadily go down.