Common Expenses Covered By Commercial Auto Insurance

According to the Association for Safe International Road Travel, enhancing road safety and reducing accidents is a global concern that annually claims about 1.35 million people. Road safety is also a concern in the United States following the 38,000 American lives claimed on US roadways every year. Governments and local authorities are implementing various measures whose primary aim is to ensure compliance with road safety regulations and reduce traffic fatality. 

The commercial auto insurance industry in the United States is rapidly growing. The growth indicates vehicle owners realize the importance of comprehensive commercial auto insurance policies. In addition to consumer realization, some states also require drivers to own a third-party insurance cover in compliance with state driving regulations. Below are examples of insurance coverage provided under a commercial auto insurance policy.

Liability Coverage

As the name suggests, liability insurance coverage covers any expenses for which a driver is liable following an auto accident. Typically, vehicle owners at fault after an auto accident must compensate the victim for the harm occasioned. Vehicle owners lacking a comprehensive commercial auto insurance cover have to pay hefty compensatory amounts out of pocket. First, the vehicle owner must compensate the victim for any bodily injuries suffered and property damage. Once a claimant or victim establishes a causal link between the injuries and bodily harm sustained, the insurance policy compensates them on the vehicle owner's behalf. Liability coverage also compensates the victim for any harm occasioned to property like the claimant's vehicle or house. 

Physical Damage Coverage

Commercial auto insurance policies provide physical damage coverage for collision or comprehensive loss. Thus, the insurance provider pays for damages that the insurance holder's vehicle sustains from a collision in an auto accident. Furthermore, commercial auto insurance policies cover the comprehensive loss that reimburses costs associated with other non-collision causes like vandalism, theft, and adverse weather. Repairing physical damage that a vehicle sustains in an auto accident is costly. However, paying monthly premiums to an insurance provider that covers any potential repairs ensures vehicle owners receive timely repairs at the insurance provider's expense. 

Medical Coverage

Comprehensive commercial auto insurance policies also cover a holder's medical expenses. Thus, vehicle owners who sustain extensive injuries and require rehabilitation can receive assistance in settling the medical expenses. The commercial auto insurance policy can also provide for the funeral expenses in the unfortunate event that the insurance holder does not survive the accident. Vehicle owners should protect their interests always by acquiring a comprehensive commercial auto insurance policy.

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