A Guide to the Voluntary and State-Ordered Suspension of Your Vehicle Registration in California

If the state of California has recently informed you that the registration of your vehicle has been suspended, it is important to know how you can go about clearing the issue up. While you may be able to address the issue by making a payment online, there are also instances when this can be a more time-consuming or expensive problem to fix. Therefore, it is a good idea for every responsible owner of a vehicle in the state of California to know the following information when you need to restore the legality of driving or parking your car on public roads. Read More 

4 Things To Talk To Your Health Insurance About When You’re Expecting

As soon as you discover that you and your partner are expecting, you have to know what to expect as far as health insurance goes. When you know how your insurance is going to work for you during your pregnancy, you can get through it with a bit more peace of mind. Here are four specific things to talk to your health insurance about: Adding Your Newborn to the Plan: Your health insurance should provide you with details about how to add your newborn to your health insurance plan. Read More 

3 Optional Choices You Should Consider On Your Car Insurance

Most, if not all, car owners are aware that they are required to carry auto insurance to drive legally. But when it's time to select a policy, the number of additional items available to you besides the required ones can be overwhelming. To that end, here are three types of coverage that are optional in most states that you might want to make sure you have on your policy. Comprehensive Coverage Read More 

What You Need To Know About Different Kinds Of Auto Insurance Coverage Options

Auto insurance is incredibly important to carry. You should never drive a car without auto insurance. Even if you don't own a car, you still should have some kind of insurance just in case you rent or borrow a car. Although, just because you need to carry auto insurance doesn't mean you that you need to get all of the different options offered to you. Here are some of the different options that you should know about available to you so you can decide what kind of coverage you need. Read More 

Three Common Mistakes Consumers Make When Purchasing Term Life Insurance

After careful research, you've made the decision to purchase term life insurance. Purchasing term life insurance is a wise decision that ensures your family is financially secure after your death. When buying your policy, make sure you don't make these common mistakes. 1. Purchasing Too Little Life Insurance The proper amount of term life insurance varies greatly based on your circumstances. A general rule is to purchase enough life insurance to replace 10 to 12 years of your current income. Read More