How To Reduce Your Damages After A Car Break-In

When you experience a car break in, it's not the end of the story; there are often more things to do to avoid further damage and potentially recover some of your losses. Here are some steps to take.

Make a Police Report

One of the first things to do is to make a police report. This can often be done on the phone or in person. Take note of everything that was stolen; if you forget something in the moment or need to provide more details, they may be able to send you a follow-up form in the mail so that you can provide additional details. Giving a detailed account is important because your police force may be able to recover some of your items, and then they will have a record showing that these items belong to you. 

Get Your Windshield Repaired

Next, take your car to an auto repair center to get your auto glass replaced. This is urgent because it will help to prevent any further theft attempts. A broken window will make your vehicle a target for car jackings or radio theft. Until you can get into the shop to have auto glass replaced, be sure to park your vehicle off of the street, either in a home driveway or in a parking garage where it can be monitored 24/7.

Do Identity Theft Control

If the thief got any of your personal information, such as IDs, credit cards, or computer data, then doing identity theft control is a big priority. Close out any cards that were affected and alert your banks to potential fraud charges. Change your passwords online and look on all accounts for activity that wasn't yours.

Check Your Auto Insurance

Finally, one of the best ways to get help with your recovery efforts is to go through your insurance. Hopefully, you already have comprehensive auto insurance as well as theft coverage. Your comprehensive insurance will help you pay for a broken windshield and get auto glass repair services for your side windows. They may also cover other damage done to the ignition and other parts as they attempted to break in and/or steal the vehicle. Theft insurance will cover any loss of car parts, such as radios. If you don't have this type of auto insurance, it may be too late this time, but it's a good time to review your coverage and make sure that you're protected from further break-ins in the future. Visit websites like to learn more.