Three Important Coverages To Add To Your Auto Insurance Policy

Insurance coverage is there to protect the things that matter in your life. Risk is all around you and it's vital to buffer yourself by obtaining medical, dental, vision, home, and auto insurance so the blows don't put too much of a dent in your wallet. Car insurance is especially critical because if you own a vehicle, you likely drive it fairly often and are well aware of what can potentially happen each time you slide behind the wheel. If you've always maintained a basic insurance policy but are looking for ways to beef up your protection, here are a few coverages to consider adding to your roster today.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage

Because you are a responsible motorist who consistently pays your insurance premium each month, it may not ever cross your mind that this isn't necessarily the same across the board. You might be surprised to learn that nearly 13 percent of drivers do not have automobile insurance. If you were to get into an accident with one of these individuals, you could be faced with the prospect of having to cover the damages on your own. Adding uninsured and underinsured protection to your policy guards against this particular threat so even if you are involved in a collision that wasn't your fault, your insurer can kick in to minimize the financial impact.

Towing/Roadside Assistance

Catching a flat tire or being locked out of your car can come out of nowhere. These are relatively small incidents on the surface but if you aren't prepared your schedule could be completely disrupted simply because you don't quite know how to get the help you need. 

When you have towing coverage and roadside assistance you can usually expect to make one phone call and get assistance very quickly. The cost you pay for the protection is minimal when you take into account just how helpful it can be in an emergency.

Gap Coverage

If you have recently purchased a brand-new car, it's crucial for you to get gap coverage. Gap coverage gets its name because it essentially fills in the gap between what is owed on the car and what it is worth. The difference can be quite astounding because of the depreciation that occurs the moment you drive away from the dealership. If an accident happens and the car is deemed a total loss, having the gap coverage keeps you from being forced to shell out major bucks to make the auto financing company whole.

Purchasing the right coverage is so important. For more information on auto insurance, contact a company near you.