Things To Do When Filing An Auto Insurance Claim

Even if you are a careful driver, you can be involved in an accident when you least expect it. Whether you are injured or not, you will need money to fix your car and get a medical check-up. These expenses that come after an accident can take a toll on your finances, but you can file a claim to get compensation from your car insurance provider.

The steps you follow will determine if the claim process will run smoothly or not, so it's essential to learn a few things to avoid making mistakes. This post will share vital things you should do while filing a claim.

Inform Your Insurance Company Agent or Rep

Immediately if you're in a position to talk, call your insurance agent or representative to inform them about the accident. This should be done even if you are away from home or weren't at fault. Ask them how you will proceed and the kind of documents you'll require to support the claim. Most companies ask their customers to provide 'proof of loss' and documents related to the claim.

Share the Information the Insurer Will Ask For

The only way to convince your insurance company to compensate you after an accident is to provide the necessary documents they request. First, you'll fill out the claim forms carefully and provide information like the names and vehicle information of everyone involved in the crash, pictures of the damaged vehicle, time of day, location, and weather conditions. A copy of the police report and the bills you incurred, like the medical and auto body repair expenses, should also be provided.

Also, keep copies of all the documents, photos, and videos you will share with your insurance company because you might need to refer to them later.

Utilize the Mobile Application to Jumpstart the Claim

Most insurance companies today provide applications their customers can use to report claims, check the claim status, schedule an appraisal, upload videos and photos, rent a car, or check the deductible. Some applications even have features that allow you to inform the insurance adjuster more about the accident by re-creating the circumstances and events. If your insurance company has an app, don't hesitate to use it to kick-start your claim.

Confirm Details About the Claim's Timing

Sometimes if you miss the claim deadline, you might not get your compensation as expected, so ensure you know the claim timing. Determine if your policy has a time limit for submitting bills and proof or for filing a claim. Also, check if there's a period allocated for solving claim disputes and when the insurance adjuster will call. 

Contact an auto insurance provider for more information.