4 Reasons You Need Homeowners Insurance

If you own a home, you are going to want to protect it with homeowners insurance. However, many homeowners would rather skip put on paying even more for their home each month by adding a homeowners insurance policy. Here are four reasons why you shouldn't do that:

  1. Your Mortgage Lender Requires It: If you have a mortgage loan on your home, your lender is likely going to require that you have homeowners insurance. You can purchase a policy that has the least amount that they want on it or you can add additional coverage on top of the coverage that your lender wants. If you don't have homeowners insurance that is required by your lender, they can charge you a large fee or even add a significant amount of interest to your loan. 
  2. You Can't Afford to Replace Your Home: In the event that your home is completely destroyed, you will want to have coverage that will pay for the replacement value of your home. This way, you can either rebuild your home or purchase a new home worth the same replacement value as your old one. This way, you don't have to resort for attempting to save for a home all over again and having to receive a new mortgage. 
  3. You Have Guests Over: If you have guests over often, including cleaners and other professionals who work in your home, you need to have liability coverage. This way, if anyone is hurt in your home and you are found to be responsible for their injuries, then you can be sure that their medical expenses are covered for by your insurance policy. Injuries can be expensive and you won't want to be responsible for it out of pocket. This will also cover the expense of hiring a lawyer to defend your case if you decide to take it to court to fight your responsibility in the situation.
  4. You Have Expensive Valuables: If you own expensive valuables, then you will want homeowners insurance that will cover the replacement value for these items in the event that they are destroyed in a flood, fire, or other damage done to your home. 

When you know these four reasons you need homeowners insurance, you can see why it's important not to write it off. When you own a home, you want to protect it, especially since it's likely one of your most valuable assets.