3 Optional Choices You Should Consider On Your Car Insurance

Most, if not all, car owners are aware that they are required to carry auto insurance to drive legally. But when it's time to select a policy, the number of additional items available to you besides the required ones can be overwhelming. To that end, here are three types of coverage that are optional in most states that you might want to make sure you have on your policy.

Comprehensive Coverage

Normally, when people think of auto insurance, they think of needing to get their car fixed after it is hit by another driver's vehicle. This type of insurance coverage is the most common and is referred to by most providers as collision coverage. But there are things that collision coverage does not cover. For example, if your car suffers damage from the weather, a fire, or a rock someone threw at the window, you will need a different kind of coverage called comprehensive. This is separate from collision coverage and has its own deductible on most policies.

Roadside Assistance

Many auto insurance companies today offer to help their customers with a variety of roadside needs in addition to handling collision claims. When looking for a new policy, check and see if roadside assistance is available. This could come in quite handy the next time you get a flat tire or your engine dies and you need a tow. As long as you have the required insurance, your insurance company will put you in touch with someone who can help and then will foot the bill for the service that is performed. If you already pay for roadside assistance through a driving club or other organization, compare and contrast the benefits offered between each. It may just be cheaper to add on a bit more to your premium each month than to pay for assistance from another company.

Car Rental

If you get in an accident and you can prove that it is the other driver's fault, you may be able to get their insurance company to get you a rental car if yours is no longer driveable. But most auto insurance companies today will also let you pay a little extra to guarantee a rental even if the accident is your fault. This could be important if you use your car as your means to get to work every day. In the event of an accident, the auto insurance company will help get you a rental and reimburse you for the cost for a predetermined length of time.

You need to have auto insurance to drive legally but don't just get the bare minimum required. Many insurance companies offer additional options like comprehensive coverage, roadside assistance and more that could end up saving the day in the event that something happens to your vehicle. Reach out to your auto insurance provider today for more information.

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