Easiest Ways To Lower Your Auto Insurance Premiums

Are you tired of paying high premiums for your car insurance? Do you struggle to get enough money to pay all of your bills every month? If this sounds like you, you're probably wondering how you can get cheap auto insurance. This is something that is wanted by many people, but fewer people know how to actually lower their insurance costs. Here are some of the most effective ways to keep your spending under control:

Shop for new insurance: In many industries, companies will offer you a loyalty discount for being with the company for a long period of time. While there may be a few insurance companies that will do this, the truth is that you can often get the best discounts by switching insurance companies every year. In order to entice more customers to join, they may offer cheap auto insurance for the first year or two, then slowly start to raise your rates. If you've been with an insurance company for more than a couple years, it's worth shopping around to see whether or not you can get a good new customer discount somewhere else.

Pay for multiple months: Many companies, not just those who sell insurance, will offer significant discounts for paying in one lump sum instead of in monthly payments. Depending on the insurance company, the discount could be equivalent to getting one or two months free. For example, if you are quoted a price of $100 per month, you may wind up paying $1200 over the course of a year or something like $1000 or $1100 if you are able to pay everything up front. In addition, some insurance companies may charge a convenience fee for accepting certain types of payments. By paying everything all at once, you'll only be charged one convenience fee instead of one every month.

Drive fewer miles: While not an option for everyone, this is a great way to get cheap auto insurance if you live close to where you work or if you are wanting to insure a second or third vehicle for your home. The less time you spend on the road, the lower your chances of getting into an accident. Many insurance companies are willing to reward you accordingly by offering much lower rates on your premiums. In order to get this discount, the insurance company may have you take your vehicle to a mechanic every few months to verify your low mileage average.