Roadside Assistance Insurance: 3 Add-Ons Ideal For Family Road Trips

When planning a family road trip, you imagine everything going smoothly, but problems are often bound to occur. One of the main problems that you can avoid is dealing with car trouble. Having proper car insurance can help you with all kinds of road trip issues. One of the best insurance coverage options to consider for you and your family is roadside assistance. A basic roadside assistance insurance package can contain a number of features, but there are also additional coverage options you can implement to help plan for extra insurance on the trip. Before heading out on the road, check out these add-on options and see how they can benefit you on the road.

Fuel Delivery Coverage

When going over a roadside assistance package, one coverage option you should look over is fuel delivery. It's easy to get distracted while traveling with your family or trying to push the limits with the gas needle. A fuel delivery coverage can eliminate a lot of delays from your trip and give you gas right at the location where you broke down. Once the vehicle runs out of gas, you can contact your insurance provider who will forward the information to a local service center. Within a reasonable amount of time, you will have the gas delivered and can hit the open road once again. Without this service, you run into safety risks by having to flag people down for help or paying out of pocket costs for emergency help.

Trip Interruption Coverage

If a vehicle breaks down during a road trip you are not only dealing with the loss of a vehicle. You may not have a place to stay until the vehicle is repaired or you can find alternative travel arrangements. You can help prevent this problem from occurring by adding trip interruption coverage. This coverage allows you and your family to book a nearby hotel room for the night. Extra payments from the insurance company may also help cover transportation like a taxi or meal costs. There is usually a spending limit, but this allows you and your family to stay comfortable until you are ready to continue your trip.

Alternative Vehicle Towing

If you are taking other types of vehicles on your trip, then you may want to consider adding alternative vehicle towing to your coverage options. This type of coverage can help pay for the transportation and costs for RVs, boats, and ATVs. Special tow trucks may be needed in these situations and you can avoid the extra costs with your insurance.

Prices vary for each coverage option, so it's a good idea to seek quotes and estimates from auto insurance companies like ESI Insurance Agency.