Mental Health Days: Good For You And Your Employer

When you are in the workforce, taking a day to recharge mentally is often frowned upon. If you have a physical ailment, particularly one that is contagious, you are allowed and even encouraged to stay home. Mental and emotional exhaustion is not viewed the same way, although it should be. When you are mentally ailing, you need to take the day off so you can re-energize.

Business Advantages

Since you may think taking a day off when you are stressed and blue is self-indulgent, you can look at it from a business angle. If you are on-edge and consumed with personal issues, you will not perform well at work. You may become irritated and conflict with co-workers. If you personally work with the public, you risk clashing with customers as well, leaving a lasting bad impression. When you feel that you can't be effective at work, you are doing your employer a service by taking a mental health day.

Also, in some states, you may be eligible for a workman's compensation claim if you can prove you've suffered permanent injury from workplace caused stress. As a result, employers should be invested in keeping you mentally as well as physically healthy. For more information, contact agencies like Divers-Savage-Mcpherson Insurance Agency.

Personal Advantages

When you take a day to "recharge," you and your family benefit. If you take a day and fill it with healthy activities, such as taking a long walk, having lunch with a sibling, and reading a good book, you will stimulate your mind in a positive fashion and help your body relax. A day devoted to mental health should not be considered a luxury but a normal and necessary part of a healthy life.


You are the best judge of your mental health. You know if you are simply tired or truly on the edge. Some businesses have a policy of allowing a number of  personal days each year, meaning that you do not have to specify why you are taking off. Since mental health is not considered by many as a good reason for staying home from work, you should not over-explain. You can simply say you are not well or say you need a day for personal reasons. Follow your company's policies but don't overshare in case your employer is not enlightened on this subject.

Mental health days are not just an excuse to sleep all day instead of working. The average person can be overcome by the stress of daily life. If you suffer from depression or another mental illness, the constant pressure to perform can be debilitating. A mental health day won't cure all of your problems, but it can help you reboot before you reenter the working world.