Hurt At Work? Two Reasons Why You Should File For Worker’s Compensation

If you've been hurt while performing your job duties, you may quietly go see a doctor, or decide that you're able to handle the medical issue at home.  However, when you are injured at work, it's important for you to file a worker's compensation claim right away.  Depending on which state you reside in, many employers are required to have worker's compensation insurance, and it's there to provide restitution if you injure yourself at the workplace.  Instead of dealing with the injuries on your own, use this information to learn why you should put in a worker's compensation claim without delay.

Your Claim Could Help Others

Unless you were extremely negligent, there is likely a reason why you hurt yourself at work.  If you keep the injury private, you could be preventing your employer from making much needed changes that keep others from suffering the same injury that you did.

For example, there may a flight of steps that leads to the area where you work.  The bottom step could be nearly invisible, causing you to miss it and fall to the floor.  While you may get up and continue working through the pain, it may be a better idea for you to file a claim.

When you file the claim, it could force your employer to take a closer look at the layout of your building.  Your employer's insurance company may even bring in an inspector who can thoroughly analyze the building.  This could be just the catalyst for structural changes that help to keep others safe while at work.

Medical Issues Could Be Delayed

Another reason why it's such a good idea to file a worker's compensation claim when you're hurt on the job is because you may have delayed medical issues.  Just because you feel relatively okay after an accident at work, it doesn't mean that you won't experience health problems at a later date as a result of the incident.

It's vital that you get your injury on record right after it happens.  Don't let so much time go pass that you've missed the window of opportunity for filing a claim.  This could mean that you're stuck holding the bill for medical problems that should be paid for by worker's compensation.

Worker's compensation is there for a reason:  It's designed to protect the worker.  If you're ever hurt at work, file a claim right away so you can enjoy these benefits and more. To learn more, visit a website like