Helpful Information About SR-22 Insurance For High Risk Drivers

Are you considered a high risk driver, and were you told that you must get SR-22 insurance before getting your driver's license back? The reason you are required to get SR-22 insurance is because it will help with protecting other drivers financially when you are on the roads. Below, discover helpful information that can help you better understand what SR-22 insurance is all about.

What Should You Know About SR-22 Insurance?

SR-22 insurance is a safety measure that simply ensures that you are not driving around without insurance coverage on your vehicle. SR-22 insurance is required when you have committed a serious driving offense. For instance, if you were caught driving while under the influence of alcohol several times, you would be considered a high risk driver. Getting caught driving several miles over the speed limit and being caught without auto insurance can also define you as a high risk driver if the offenses were committed multiple times. SR-22 insurance will simply make sure that you have the minimum amount of insurance coverage for a certain number of years, which can vary by state.

You must keep in mind that applying for SR-22 insurance has to be done through the company that you get auto insurance from. Make sure that you get auto insurance if you stopped paying for it when your driver's license was suspended, as you can't get SR-22 insurance without it. Basically, your auto insurance company will have to issue a certificate of responsibility on your behalf that verifies that you have coverage. The certificate of responsibility will be sent to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

What Will Happen After SR-22 Insurance is in Place?

After it is proven that you have SR-22 insurance, your driver's license will be reinstated. However, you must avoid getting penalized for driving offenses after SR-22 insurance is in place. Committing another driving offense will lead to you having to file another certificate of responsibility with your auto insurance company. You will then be required to maintain SR-22 insurance for a longer amount of time than originally mandated. If you commit several driving offenses after you have SR-22 insurance, you might have your driver's license revoked altogether.

As long as you abide by the rules of the road, you will be able to drive as usual when SR-22 insurance is in place. Get in touch with an auto insurance company like Angel Auto Insurance so you can get your driving privileges back!